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Survive and destroy or die:

You are in a world with no people, but you are not alone. There are strange creatures named Ballers. They spawn in some small towers(spawners) and they fly to you with a single goal of killing you . Build different objects and create explosives. When you destroy all spawners you win. So, survive and destroy spawners or die!


This is single player game, where you cut down trees to get wood and brake rocks to get stone and metal. With this you can create walls, barricades, campfires, explosives, bullets and bandages. Use walls and barricades to defend from Ballers, fire campfire to see in the night, fire bullets to kill Ballers and use explosives to destroy spawners. When you destroy all 10 spawners you win!


WASD --- walk

Shift ------ run

Space ---- jump

I ---------- inventory

Tab ------- stats

LMB ----- fire and cut

RMB ----- aim

Mouse --- look

1 – switch to double shotgun

2 – switch to machete

3 – switch to hand


If you find a bug in my game, please click the link below and report the bug. Describe it in detail as much as possible so we can fix it. Thank you for being patient. 

Have fun playing that game.


SurviveAndDestroy.zip 51 MB

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